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A Conversation with Nick - The Restaurant Industry
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Interviewee: Michael Nicholas Thompson 
Interviewers: Lana Ferguson, Miller Meyers, Martha Grace Lowry Mize, and Simone Delerme 
Occupation: Student, Barber, Restaurant Industry 
Date of Birth: February 4, 1984
Place of Birth: Mississippi 
Time of Interview: Spring 2017 
Themes: The restaurant Industry in Oxford; fine dining; education; entrepreneurship; the community of Oxford 


Born around Jackson, Mississippi, Nick lived in several places in the state, and is currently a member of the Oxford community. Majoring in Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi and certified as a Barber/Stylist, Nick chronicles the journey to where he is today. Nick's experiences in food service, as a student, and as a barber has brought him to a place where he has the opportunity to open and manage a barber shop in a unique Oxford location. 

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