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Locals Restaurant & Bar 

An Interview with Bobby 

Interviewee: Bobby Tekwani 
Interviewers: William Braswell, Katherine Aberle, and Simone Delerme 
Occupation: Owner,  Locals Restaurant & Bar 
Place of Birth: India   
Time of Interview: Spring 2016 
Themes: Restaurant Industry, 
Entrepreneurship, Southern Culture, Indian Culture, Oxford, Hindu Religion, Social Class, Caste System, Educational systems, Migration, Marriage and Customs   

Interview Transcript


Locals is owned and operated by Bobby Tekwani. He was born in Rajahustan, India, and received an International education attending schools in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Britain, and Oxford, MS. Tekwani is a graduate of the University of Mississippi, and began his career with Aramark, a food distribution business.

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