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College Hill Catering 

Interviewee: Roland Schnider 
Interviewers: William Braswell and Simone Delerme 
Occupation: Chef and Owner, College Hill Catering
Place of Birth: Switzerland  
Time of Interview: Spring 2016 
Themes: Culinary Education; Working in the Restaurant Industry in Switzerland, Memphis, and Oxford; Southern Culture; Swiss Culture

Interview Transcript 

An Interview with Roland - (Part II)
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An Interview with Roland - (Part III)
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Roland Schnider, an award-winning chef,  was born in Lucerne, a city in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. His father ran a CPA firm and owned a restaurant. At the age of 24, Roland opened his first restaurant in Switzerland, but decided to come to the United States to learn the English language. In 1980, Roland settled in Memphis and later opened a restaurant, Country Squire, which he operated for 14 years. In 1995, he moved to Red Banks, Mississippi and commuted to Oxford everyday to work for Aramark and later Locals Restaurant & Bar before opening College Hill Catering to take his expertise to four fraternity houses on the University of Mississippi campus.


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