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DODO  Pizza 

An interview with Alena Tikhova

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"The 2-Click Order"
An Innovative Business Model, An Online Approach to Artisan Pizza  
Interviewee: Alena Tikhova 
Interviewers: Lana Ferguson, Martha Grace Lowry Mize, Nick Thompson, and Simone Delerme  
Occupation: DODO Pizza, Chief Executive Officer for the American Company
Place of Birth: Russia  
Time of Interview: Spring 2017 
Themes: DODO Pizza operations; franchising; Russian Culture; community of Oxford 


Alena Tikhova, a resident of Oxford for approximately two years, describes the expansion of the Dodo Pizza chain to Mississippi. Previously a franchisee in Russia, Alena sold her store to help develop the chain in the United States. After only five and half years, DODO Pizza has grown to a franchise with over 200 stores in 9 different countries and will soon open a second U.S. store in Southaven, MS. 

DODO Pizza Russia-First Drone Delivery 

"DODO Pizza has become my absolute favorite pizza available in Oxford.  I go to , click on the pizza I want, and it's delivered to me in 20 minutes or less. I have problems getting anything delivered where I am located (just off the square) other than pizza.  The local delivery service has a broad selection of restaurants, but the price is exuberant compared to the cost of picking up the same item from the original restaurant, and it takes an hour or more to be delivered.  


I called three of the pizza chains to order a pizza last Tuesday, April 25th.  Everyone had an 1.5 - 2.5 hour wait for delivery.  I promptly declined.  I asked if there was an event going on that random night and I was told, ”no, we're understaffed to begin with and our manager broke his leg yesterday and Ole Miss Flex is down.” That's not good for business.  I was later told that was that chain's excuse to deny business.  They lost my business for good.  


Then, I went to the DODO Pizza website and clicked on the pizza I wanted. My information popped up, I was given my total and two options: cash/credit and delivery/pickup.  My information popped up from my last order.  I clicked to place my order and it was delivered 19 minutes later.  19 MINUTES!  NOT 2.5 HOURS!  


The ordering process is that simple - click on the image you want, and it's delivered.  Easy.  There are no additional options for pizzas on the menu.  You select the exact pizza you want (the price and ingredients are very visible), and it's delivered to your house.  With their innovative technological system, I do not have to be put on hold and wait for a worker to respond... I do not have to guess on delivery times... and I know that the ingredients of my pizza are outstanding. 


Tonight I went out on a limb and ordered the BBQ chicken pizza - you should try it!"


Nick Thompson

-an Oxford food junkie and wannabe food connoisseur

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